The Rainbow Program

non-numerical nutrition

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A Balanced Spectrum

The natural color of food gives us the full rainbow spectrum. This antioxidant rich program of whole foods will help you to love healthy food.

This holistic approach makes nutrition practical, defines what to buy at the grocery store and how to minimize allergic reactions to foods by consuming them in their whole natural state in all colors, successful in graduating the patient to a healthful lifestyle. Discover how to substitute food colorings for the benefit of naturally colored foods, providing a balanced rainbow to the body and to the palate.

Use the Rainbow Program in support groups, health food stores, hospital programs or counseling. It works well with both children and adults, and is designed to cross language and cultural barriers.

Why Do People Eat?

Here is our philosophy of why people eat.

1. Nursing viewpoint: we eat to raise our blood sugar.

2. Psychology viewpoint: we eat comfort foods to feel better.

3. Nutritionist viewpoint: we eat for our nutrient needs.

4. Dietician viewpoint: we eat for caloric intake, to ease food cravings.

5. Psychiatrist viewpoint: we eat food to affect our neurotransmitters.

6. Counseling viewpoint: we are addicted to food.

7. Behavior modification viewpoint: we are used to eating, it is a habit that needs to be modified, by portion control.

8. Neurotherapy viewpoint: the hypothalamus is in control, as the dominant gland in the brain, it tells us when to eat.

9. Naturopathic viewpoint: we eat to stimulate and balance our bodies with various healing and energetic foods and wavelengths.

10. Government viewpoint: we need to eat a quantity of food that all Canadian people should obtain each day, to have a normal intake of nutrients.

Question: If all of these hold some value, how then do we just stop eating or diet to lose weight? Should we not instead increase our intake of naturally colored whole foods?